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If you wish for the Terraform plan to apply without requiring a manual approval step, you can do so by setting a property called autoApprove.

When you are defining an environment, you can set the autoApprove flag to true, at the environment level or component level.

When the plan is run, the reconciler looks for this property which tells it whether to ask for explicit approval at the time of provisioning, teardown, or reconciling the environment - or - to automatically approve the plan.

This is an optional field, with the default value as false.

In the case that autoApprove flag was not specified or set to false, a prompt for approval will appear for each component being provisioned or destroyed. Details on how to approve are here.

NOTE: The autoApprove flag can be configured for all components in an environment at the spec level, and can also be specified at the component level, which will override the spec level configuration for that environment.

Sample YAML

kind: Environment
  name: dev-checkout-sandbox
  namespace: zlifecycle
  teamName: checkout
  envName: sandbox  
  autoApprove: false # spec level
    - name: networking
      autoApprove: true # this will override the one at spec level
      type: terraform
        source: aws
        name: vpc
        source: "" # Add your repo here
        path: "sandbox/tfvars/networking.tfvars" # Add your tfvars here
        - name: vpc_id
        - name: public_subnets
        - name: private_subnets
        - name: vpc_cidr_block