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Selective Reconcile

Selective reconcile can be used when only certain components should be re-provisioned within an environment. With this configuration re-provisioning an environment can leave some components untouched.

  1. The First step is to identify the components you wish to selectively reconcile. Add selectiveReconcile to the spec scope in yaml.
        tagName: helloWorldComponentType
        tagValues: [app, data]

tagName: This is a string property that should match the tags property of a component.

tagValues: An array of string values. Here we specify the values of the property type specified in tagName.

  1. The Second part is the tags property, in the component scope.
    - name: helloWorldComponentType 
      value: app

name: The name property needs to be exactly what we supplied in the tagName property of selectiveReconcile which in our example is componentType. value: Value needs to be one of the strings passed in the tagValues property of selectiveReconcile which in our example is app.

NOTE: If tearing down or reconciling an environment, components left out of the selectiveReconcile will show a status of Skipped Teardown or Skipped Reconcile.

Skip Mode

It is also possible to use selectiveReconcile to apply the inverse policy, and skip components matching the tags, reconciling all others.

    skipMode: true
    tagName: helloWorldComponentType
    tagValues: [app, data]

In that case CloudKnit compares the above properties and sets up matching components to be skipped.