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Destroying Components

This property is used to destroy a component. When an environment is brought down, we refer to it as teardown and when a component is brought down, it is destroy

NOTE: The component-level destroy property overrides the spec-level teardown property, which means that if teardown is false and destroy is true, the current component will be destroyed.

This is an optional field, with the default value as false.

You can find more information about teardown here.

Destroy Protection

You can always safeguard a component from getting destroyed by applying some protection to it using the destroyProtection flag. When set to true the current component will not be destroyed, overriding all other flags including the environment-level teardown.

This is also an optional field, with the default value as false.

Sample YAML

    - name: static-assets
      type: terraform
      destroy: false
      destroyProtection: true